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Dating is a difficult game, especially when the person you want to get a drift of what you want. It becomes even harder when you want him to do something and do not want to be more about it. If you want your kid to realize that you want to kiss and drop to the act shy, so here are the things you need to do ...

Be open You should come across as a very open person if you want your husband to kiss you. He should not feel intimidated by you at all or should not think that you a prude. Give him a drift of what you actually going to the way you dress and your overall attitude.

prude girlfriend - Prude

Talking cat can be a great way to get some points across. Have a conversation fun and interesting with him and make him feel at ease. Addressing the subject of kissing in this area and tell him what you said about to kiss when, where, how. He'll get the idea. Touch also needs to show him that you are crossing the barrier touching. Establish some form of physical contact acts as a precursor of what is to follow. If you touch it then he will know that you love him enough and will not mind if he takes a step ahead in embracing you.

Give him lean in another index, leaning in close to him say something as if it were a secret. This will increase your closeness to each other and get his mind racing. That is exactly what you want. When you keep doing it for a bit will know that you're ready for a kiss and have no doubt in mind.