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The first title was Mr. "K". At the moment we met, I had taken my profile down because I was getting too many emails. At the end of the first date, he brought me closer to my door, hugged me and said, "Call me." If you've read my book (Lucia Lessons of Love) you know that my answer was: "No. You call me." By putting the ball in his court, was letting him know that he was interested, but had to be a man and a vocation. Five minutes after we parted, he called to say he wanted to make sure I got in safely. He said he wanted to kiss me. Aaah .....

Then we went on our second day one week later, I found that I began to want him. What's not to - he laughed at my jokes and told me I was beautiful. At the end of the evening, he gave me two light kisses on the lips and said: "I know you are very busy tomorrow, but I prefer to call." I've never heard of him until ... my profile back up three weeks later and he sent an e-mail.

prude women - Prude

Here is a portion of his e-mail: How have you been? Have not heard from you a while. Guess you forgot about me. He also left a phone message 20 minutes after he wrote the e-mail. I ignored both the e-mail and phone call. I was interested in Mr. "K" but I was not going to be myself in the position of getting close to someone who was able to disappear for no apparent reason. That Mr K was not so "special".

What he did WRONG: